PIA VA/DC Membership

For Agency memberships, dues are based on the total number of full-time, P&C licensed agents and follows the Dues Structure.  You do not need to include L&H or part-time agents.  For agencies less than 3 years old, we offer a "New Agency" discount.  Contact Carol at carol@piavadc.com or (804) 264-2582 for more information.

First Active Member at agency (A4)          Download Agency Membership Application 
The primary contact for an agency who is engaged in the insurance business. The A4 is also the main name on the annual dues invoice. First Active Members receive all PIA of VA & DC benefits and includes PIA National dues.

Additional Active Member at agency (A2)
An additional active member (full-time, P&C licensed agent) within an agency which has a dues-paid First Active Member (A4).


For Company and Associate memberships, dues are a flat rate per company regardless of how many individuals from the company are enrolled.

Company Member (AS1)          Download Company Membership Application
Officers, representatives or employees of an insurance company or any other individual affiliated directly or indirectly with property/casualty insurance business.  Annual Dues - $275 per Company

Associate Member (AS2)          Download Associate Membership Application
An organization that does not fall into either of the Active (A4/A2) or Company (AS1) categories.  Annual Dues - $200 per Company


Retired Members (R)          No application necessary; email carol@piavadc.com.
An individual no longer in the insurance business but was an active PIA member at one time.  Annual Dues - $35.00


Eff. 1/1/2018