Certified Risk Manager


CRM – Certified Risk Manager

Risk Managers are in high demand! Distinguish yourself from the crowd and get the credential that sets you apart-Certified Risk Manager (CRM).

Risk Managers don’t leave anything to chance! Participate in the program that gives you a dependable advantage in the demanding field of risk management—the CRM Program.

Risk management is one of the many responsibilities of a variety of professionals, including accountants, attorneys, financial and insurance professionals, and specialists in loss control. If you are one of these practitioners, you may be ready to take courses or pursue your CRM designation. If you:

are a risk manager, financial or insurance professional, licensed agent, broker, accountant, or solicitor,

have at least two years of full-time experience in the insurance industry or in risk management,

have taken a CRM course through the UACRM program, or

have served as a full-time risk management or insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university,

you’ll benefit from attending CRM courses—gaining expertise and credibility with your organization and in the risk management community.

Earning the CRM designation demonstrates your expertise and shows that you are a part of an international network of respected and dedicated risk management professionals.

Once earning your designation, you must take an update every year.  Update options include any of the CIC, CRM, or Ruble courses (no testing).

An internationally recognized risk management designation

A comprehensive education in qualitative and quantitative tools

The ability to identify and manage emerging and evolving risks

Real-life examples and experiences shared by instructors who are active in the field

Curriculum developed by practicing risk professionals and educators

An instructive overview of the 5 steps of risk management—identification of exposures, analysis of risk, risk control techniques, financing of risk, and administration

Put-it-to-use-now risk management skills and solutions

Implementation of the universal application of risk management concepts

CRM Course Options

Courses may be taken in any order but are recommended in the order below.

  • Principles of Risk Management
  • Control of Risk
  • Analysis of Risk
  • Financing of Risk
  • Practice of Risk Management

Those with the CIC designation may use CRM courses as an update.