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Agency Agreement Review Service

As a PIA VA/DC member, you have access to PIA National's FREE Agency Agreement Review Service.  Available to carriers looking to update their agency agreements and PIA members who (1) have recently been issued an agency agreement from a carrier or (2) have particular questions about an existing agreement.  This benefit alone is worth a minimum of $1,500 in legal hours for every company contract or amendment you need reviewed by a legal expert.

PIA Logos

One of the more important benefits of being a PIA member, affiliate (affiliates are chartered PIA state/regional associations that have a current affiliate agreement in force with PIA National), sponsor, or award winner is the privilege of authorized use of the PIALogo to convey your relationship with PIA. The purpose of these Guidelines is to insure proper use of the PIA Logos by the association’s members, affiliates, partners, sponsors, award winners and other authorized entities. It provides PIA’s rules for using the Logos along with explanations and examples of proper usage. By complying with these rules, you help PIA maintain its established image and reputation.

PIA Market Access

Take your agency to new heights and grow your book of business.

Access to more than 50 national and specialty carriers;

Real time rating;

Ownership of your book of business & no exit fees


PIA Partnership Benefits

Founded in 1996 with start-up funding from PIA National, the companies participating in The PIA Partnership are committed to working with the American Agency System to increase market share by improving the dialogue between agencies and companies. Through its activities, The PIA Partnership identifies area of opportunity in the agency-company partnership and conducts solution-oriented research.