PIA Insurance Services, Inc.

PIAIS logo 7.14.21

PIA Insurance Services, Inc. (PIAIS) is a separate, wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary corporation of PIA VA/DC formed in 2007. The mission of PIAIS is to provide a variety of business and insurance services that you might need access to as an independent agent and member agency. To fulfill its mission, we offer a select group of insurance products and services that members have indicated are useful, cost effective and needed to be profitable. These products can limit risk, protect assets, and improve the agency’s efficiency and employee’s productivity.

PIAIS has several profit building services for PIA member agents:

Access to 50 P&C Admitted Markets through our PIA National Program

Life, LTC, Annuities/Financial Services

Short- & Long-Term Disability, AD&D, Term Life and much more through PIA Trust

Each program is designed to help you earn more L&H revenue with limited effort. Through word of mouth and positive experiences the demand for these programs are growing. Therefore, if you need more profit in your agency and aren’t fully using your L&H license give us a call. You must be a PIA member or PIAIS insured to participate.

For more information, contact at lisaf@piavadc.com or call us at (804) 486-4222.